Pursuant to Florida statues, the Sheriff’s office carries out the responsibility of processing and service of warrants. These warrants originate from the courts and governmental agencies. All warrants received from the courts are processed by this division with notices placed in various local, state, and federal data bases as may be required. Our warrants division handles:

  • Bench Warrants/Failure to Appear (FTA)
  • Orders of Arrest
  • Orders to take into custody
  • Violations of Probation (VOP)
  • Violations of Community Control (VOCC)
  • Capias
  • Order of Contempt
  • Orders to revoke bonds
  • Rule to Show Cause
  • Pickup Commitment

Traci McCormick is the Public Records Custodian for Suwannee County Sheriff, Sam St. John. You may contact her by phone at (386) 364-3417.

We are open from 8am-5pm daily.